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Jayden Jaymes – Bikini Babe

25 Jan

I wish I could run into a girl like this at my local beach.  Jayden Jaymes looks so sexy in her tiny blue bikini top.  I bet she’s wearing no bottoms.  Jayden’s such a naughty girl!

Jayden Jaymes – Wild Jungle Sex

22 Jan

Jayden Jaymes’ pussy really gets pounded in this Bang Bros update stacked with lots of big fine ass.  These two hotties fuck side by side and get fucked hard, their big tits bouncing wildly in the wild environment of the jungle.

Jayden Jaymes Rocks A Bikini

15 Jan

I want to dive right into this sexy photo of Jayden Jaymes modeling a sexy itty bitty bikini.  Her skin looks soft and shiny from the pool water and of course her curves are amazing; her big tits and her sexy thighs and hips.  She’s juicy in all of the right places.

Shake That Ass, Jayden!

11 Jan

Jayden Jaymes is one white girl who knows how to shake what her Mama gave her.  Click the pic and download a free video of Jayden shakin her booty in broad daylight right on the streets.  Imagine driving by this scene.  Would you stop to stare?

Jayden Jaymes Gets Wet By The Pool

11 Jan

Wow!  Jayden Jaymes’ ass and pussy drenched in pool water shining in the bright sunlight by the pool is stunning.  Her pussy looks so pink and sweet inside; fuck the pool, i’m going to dive into her to take a taste of her juices.  Spread it for me Jayden!  Spread it!

Jayden James Slippery Ass

7 Dec

Just when you thoughtJayden’s ass couldn’t get any more amazing, Reality Kings takes a shot of her looking like this!  Jayden Jaymes’ ass looks like the juiciest peach you’d ever want to bite into.  Her ass is perfectly round, smooth, and slippery.  Jayden Jaymes knows what turns guys on and isn’t afraid to use a [...]

Jayden Jaymes Plays With Guns

2 Dec

Just when I thought Jayden Jaymes couldn’t be any more of a bad girl I ran across these amazing shots of her shooting off some seriously big guns in the desert…naked of course.  There is nothing sexier than seeing Jayden totally nude, her giant Double-D tits and pierced pussy hanging out in the sunlight, packing [...]

Jayden Get’s Fucked Against A Fence

24 Nov

Jayden is so amazing and horny, she would be down to fuck anywhere, anytime.  Check her out in this sweet Bang Bros shoot, getting fucked outside up against a fence.  Her legs are spread wide while her pussy gets fucked and the sun shines down on her perfect nude body.  Jayden is such a whore [...]

Jayden’s SEE-THROUGH Bikini

23 Nov

Wow!  Jayden looks extremely sexy in this shoot of her in a blue see-through bikini.  Even though she is wearing clothes you can still see every single inch of her amazing body, her big nipples teasing you through the fabric of her tiny bikini.  Jayden is such a whore, and I wouldn’t change that for [...]

I wanna play!

30 Oct

I want to play basketball Jayden!  I’ll let you win, I promise! Can you imagine playing basketball with this smoker? Jeez Louis, Imagine trying to guard her. Hands all over her ass and waist. Then she turns around to shoot and those amazing tits are all in your face. I wouldn’t be able to hide [...]